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Kevin Chow was locally grown in Toronto, Canada.  His journey into the world of creativity and visual arts began at a young age, largely influenced by his father who was a graphic designer and photographer to companies such as Corvette, Cadbury and Schweppes Canada.

After exploring his interest in music and visual arts, he inherited his first film camera from his father.  However, he was soon strongly influenced into believing that a career in art and photography was nothing but a distant dream. Eventually, Kevin found that there were some dreams worth chasing after.  Following his time in art school, his picked up his DSLR and began to shoot anything and everything. He has since also added cinematography and graphic design as part of his creative arsenal.

Kevin has had his work published in a National Geographic Travel magazine, various local newspapers and media outlets. He also has had the privilege of working with local organizations such as Power Unit Youth Organization, Night It Up! and Yee Hong Wellness Foundation and more.

In his free time, he enjoys travelling, reading, catching up or meeting new people over tea and adding Sriracha to almost anything edible.